Intake Capacity-30 Course Code :251637210 Establishment-2011

Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering

E&TC Department's Vision & Mission

Vision :

To prepare Electrical and Electronics Engineers, globally recognized professionals for the quality and significance of their knowledge with social & moral values.

Mission :

  • 1) To create an environment suitable for innovative, eco-friendly and socially beneficial projects.
  • 2) To provide a platform for students not only for academics and technical projects but also to enhance their hidden skills and talent.
  • 3) To develop students with necessary entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities and positive attitude.


Electronics & Telecommunications is the branch of Engineering that has revolutionized the life style of humanity. It is a pace setter and a prime mover behind the transition to a technological society. The field of E&TC Engineering encompasses all areas of human life, starting from house hold appliances, industrial Automation/ robotics, life saving medical equipments to space vehicles.


The E&TC department aims to educate students to apply concepts and principles of electrical and electronics engineering to solve important technological and scientific problems, and also to train the students to practice engineering with technical skills, professionalism and social awareness. Promoting a culture of knowledge and to achieve the performance in the supply of high quality education and services. The E&TC program puts emphasis on both theory and practical applications by providing a solid background in this field. The department boasts well equipped laboratories in the area of E&TC, AC and DC Machines, Transformers, Circuit design, Control system, Signal processing, Power electronics, embedded systems, IOT, etc.


1) Our main objective is to inculcate the professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, leadership, project management and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context, in students.

2) To prepare engineering professionals, recognized for the quality and significance of their knowledge, research and service.

3) To provide widely recognized leadership in the improvement of Electrical engineering, through innovation. Enhance the commitment of faculty, staff, and students to the centrality of diversity, social justice, and democratic citizenship.

4) To help the students to excel in the field of Electrical through academic excellence and integrity and outstanding teaching.

Key Features
  • Experienced, dynamic and qualified fully dedicated faculty members, having many research papers in International / national journals and conferences to their credit.
  • State of art laboratories and more emphasis on practical knowledge.
  • Frequent industrial visits & MOUs to bridge the gap between industry and academics.
  • Use of many ICT tools along with NPTEL video lectures, animations, PPTs for effective learning.
  • Regular Seminars, expert lectures and workshops, FDPs for faculty as well as students.
  • Separate departmental library in addition to central library.

Career Opportunities:
  • E&TC Engineering graduates have unlimited opportunities in the field of Electrical as well as Electronics Engineering. E&TC opens the Gateway to IT/Software, Electrical Vehicles (EV) technology, Hardware Industry and Government sector. There are numerous opportunities as follows:
  • Jobs in Govt. sector like MSEB, Railway, BSNL, AIR, ATC, National Physical Laboratories, Civil Aviation Dept, Post & Telegraph Dept, Transmission & Distribution boards, UPSC, MPSC, BHEL, BEL, BARC and few other government undertakings.
  • Jobs in IT/Software/Hardware Industry or Govt. Sector
  • The private companies offer excellent pay-packages to skilled Electrical& Electronics professionals. Such as opportunities in IT/ Software Industry, AI, ML, Data Science, Hardware field, Electrical Vehicles, Telecom. Industries, Embedded System Design Companies, Electronics & Electrical manufacturing Industries, Electrical switching systems etc.

E&TC Dept Consultancy & Startup Services
  • Design, Development, Maintenance & Manufacturing of Educational Trainer Kits & Instruments.
  • Completed Laboratory Maintenance work of Government Polytechnic Aurangabad.
  • IOT based Project development & Solutions under Incubation cell
  • Tie up with BYST, RUSA & DDUK for funding & technical support for Startups & Entrepreneurship.
  • Robotics / Industrial Automation Trainings, MOUs & Frequent Industrial Visits.

Achievements & Some Innovative Projects
  • Miss. Poonam Badgujar has registered her work for getting a patent for the project of “Electricity Generation using Exhaust Fan via Wind Energy
  • Secured 1st prize Rs 2000+ Certificate in Technical Quiz Competition at NIELIT College Campus.
  • Mr. Nakul Deshpande completed M.S. at PACE University, New York, US after completing Engineering graduation from ICEEM College.
  • Successful Projects on E-By-cycle, Smart Byke, IOT based Smart Class Room, Digital Notice board.
  • Successful Projects on Hand sanitizer system, Intelligent Robot and peon calling machine.
  • Received QCFI Gold Category award for IOT projects.